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Granada Media Group is a new comer as a brand builder to young consumers. This audience is compelled by music, apparel, athletics and content the can identify with. The premier site on the Granada Media Group roster is has become the go-to resource for the up and coming Hip Hop artists. Other Granada Media Group sites are carefully chosen to preserve the steadiness of innovative content and editorial integrity that allows us to maintain the continuous communication with our target.

Search Retargeting

Target user audiences based on previous keyword searches they have conducted on search engines such as Google, Yahoo & Bing.


Keep track of people who visit your site and display your retargeting ads to them.

IP Targeting

Deliver relevant ads to specific audiences, reducing wasted impressions and increasing click-through rates and message reach.

Interest Targeting

Reach an audience who have specific interests and show your ads to people based on the things they interact with.


Deliver different content to users based on his or her geographic location.

Contextual Targeting

Show your message to users exactly when they’re reading about your products and services.

Behavioral Targeting

Behavioral targeting delivers highly relevant ads to a receptive, action-defined audience.

3rd Party Data Segments

Target ads to a more specific audience.

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